Welcome to our Order Fulfillment Services webpage, where we provide comprehensive solutions to streamline your order processing and ensure efficient delivery to your customers. Our range of services includes pick and pack with PDA scan, container management, palletization and stretch wrapping, kitting and co-packing, export cargo packing and consolidation, as well as pre-retail and value-added services.

Pick and pack with PDA scan is at the core of our order fulfillment process. Our experienced team utilizes handheld PDA devices equipped with barcode scanning technology to accurately pick the required items from your inventory. With real-time inventory tracking and scanning verification, we ensure that the right products are selected for each order, minimizing errors and ensuring order accuracy. The picked items are then carefully packed, following your specific packaging requirements, to ensure they are ready for shipping.

Container management is an essential aspect of our services. We efficiently handle the logistics of container management, including unloading, sorting, and organizing the contents of incoming containers. Our team is experienced in managing both full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL), ensuring that your goods are properly accounted for and stored in our secure facilities until they are ready for pick and pack.

Palletization and stretch wrapping services are available to optimize the storage and transportation of your goods. We carefully stack and secure your products onto pallets, ensuring stability and minimizing the risk of damage during handling and transit. Our stretch wrapping process provides an additional layer of protection, securing the palletized goods for safe storage and transportation.

Kitting and co-packing services are designed to support your product bundling and promotional activities. We can assemble kits that include multiple items, ensuring that all components are accurately combined and packaged. Our co-packing services involve packaging products according to your specific requirements, including labeling, inserting promotional materials, and customizing the packaging to meet your branding needs.

When it comes to export cargo packing and consolidation, we have the expertise to handle the complexities of international shipping. Our team will ensure that your goods are packed securely, taking into account the specific requirements of your destination country. We offer consolidation services, allowing you to combine multiple shipments into a single container, reducing costs and streamlining the export process.

In addition, we provide pre-retail and value-added services to add the finishing touches to your products. Our pre-retail services include labeling, price tagging, and quality control checks to ensure that your products are ready for retail shelves. We also offer value-added services such as product assembly, customization, and repackaging to meet specific customer requirements.

With our comprehensive order fulfillment services, we aim to simplify your supply chain process and enhance the efficiency of your operations. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering accurate, timely, and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your order fulfillment requirements and discover how our services can support your business’s growth and success.