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We offer 3PL sure to your expectations

With the demand for 3PL services increasing every day, we understand how to meet that challenge at a price you can afford. Ideally structured for durability and on-demand mobile transport, our 3PL service is the perfect solution for providing you with the additional assistance you need.

Delivering Excellence in Logistics Solutions for the Australian Market


Quatius Logistics is a prominent company that operates as part of the Quatius Group. The Quatius Group, established in 1990, is known for owning the renowned TV brand Soniq. Quatius Logistics was founded in 2012 to address the pressing need for a reliable supply chain solution for Soniq.

Starting out as a logistics provider for Soniq, Quatius Logistics quickly established itself as an autonomous logistics solution that catered to the specific requirements of the electronics industry. With its exceptional performance and expertise, Quatius Logistics expanded its services to other sectors such as food and beverages, beauty, and healthcare.

Recognizing the growing demand for logistics services in the Australian market, Quatius Logistics embarked on an ambitious journey to enhance its warehouse and freight network across the country. By continuously expanding and improving its infrastructure, Quatius Logistics has positioned itself as a leading player in the Australian logistics industry.

Furthermore, Quatius Logistics seized opportunities in the international market and ventured into expanding its presence beyond Australia in 2020. This strategic move allowed the company to capitalize on global markets and provide its innovative logistics solutions to a wider range of clients.

As the company looks ahead to 2023, its primary objective is to solidify its position as the premier logistics solution provider in the Australian market, with a particular focus on electrical and electronic products. By leveraging its extensive experience, comprehensive network, and commitment to excellence, Quatius Logistics aims to deliver unmatched services and establish long-lasting partnerships with its clients.


  • Focus on improving clients’ businesses and provide the best economical freight rates
    We source the best transport option for your business at the most competitive prices. From our comprehensive network of over 30 providers in Australia, our clients can rest assured that they are receiving the best, customised solution for their different businesses requirements.
  • Excellent Customer Services and Quality Assurance
    A well resourced customer service team that looks after clients with a personal approach to solve your logistics needs. Our commitment is to deliver freight consignments on time and damage-free and to ensure our transport system performs and maintains its quality.
  • Proven Success in Managing the Transportation of Different Types of Goods
    As a long time exporter of fragile glass packaged products such as wine and food related products through the Asian region and the importer of larger Audio/ visual components such as TVs, with warehousing solutions to satisfy the Quatius Global range of products, Quatius Logistics believes its proven model will provide a successful model for our clients.

Yes. with our extensive experience in importing and exporting goods, we have developed expertise in handling customs procedures and regulations. Whether you are dealing with 3C devices, food, or beverages, our team is well-equipped to facilitate the smooth clearance of your shipments. We understand the complexities involved in customs processes and work diligently to ensure compliance and efficiency. By entrusting us with your custom clearance needs, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the necessary documentation and procedures to expedite the movement of your goods across borders.

Yes, you can visit Quatius Logistics warehouse. To arrange a visit, please contact us and submit a warehouse inspection request. Our sales representatives will promptly respond to your inquiry and work with you to schedule an appointment that is convenient for both parties. We look forward to showcasing our warehouse facilities and providing you with insights into our logistics operations.